Salil Ahuja

Program Director, IBM Data and A.I. at IBM USA

Salil Ahuja is a subject matter expert on enterprise solutions, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies. He has recently returned from on a global assignment in Australia where he was responsible for adoption and usage of the Watson Data and AI cloud services in the Asia Pacific region. Over the last year, he has been instrumental in several enterprises A.I. transformation journeys and startup & developer community adoption.

He is passionate about emerging technologies and building innovative products that transform and create new markets. He was a critical contributor to the successful acquisition of Webify Solutions by IBM in 2006. He is a published author and an active inventor.

A Practical Guide to AI Today and How It Impacts Our Industry  

Are you interested in how artificial intelligence (AI) might impact your industry? Are you finding it hard to separate fact from ficiton? In this session, Salil Ahuja, talks about the practical aspects of infusing AI into enterprises. He has been on this journey and since he helped bring IBM Watson to market back in 2012. Along the way, he picked up a few key insights that would help you understand how to think about using AI in your industry

Don’t miss Salil’s presentation entitled “AI and I: How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Industry” on Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 09:15. For more information, please review our official programme.

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