Activating Change in the Business Events World

IAPCO leads by example by holding its conference with a strong focus on sustainability. To this, we have taken some measures to provide its attendees with an environmentally friendly event.

Some of the measures that we have taken are:

  • Delegate Bags are made from re-purposed street banners that are donated by municipalities, companies and associations, diverting hundreds of kilos of synthetic fabric from the landfill every year. The bags are manufactured by Common Thread, an initiative that provides practical and flexible training and employment in industrial sewing for women who are newcomers to Canada, who are living with mental health challenges, or who are experiencing other employment barriers.
  • Providing rubberized stainless-steel bottles to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
  • Providing earth friendly, plastic free straws for our delegates.
  • Utilizing digital signage as much as possible to reduce the usage of paper.
  • Hosting the IAPCO annual meeting at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building. This venue is proud to be the world’s first double LEED® Platinum certified convention centre and is committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible.
  • We have worked closely with the Vancouver Convention Centre to provide healthy and locally sourced food choices. Oceanwise seafood for all food functions where possible. China and flatware will be used whenever possible.
  • Utilzing electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere by partnering with Pearl Limousine, an organisation that supports the movement to environmentally friendly vehicles as a transportation option. They now carry vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter and the Tesla Model S, which have reduced fuel consumption and zero emissions. The organisation participates in planting several trees each year to offset their vehicle emissions and looks forward to contributing to a clean and green environment for the future of our planet.
  • Name Badges that are 100% recyclable as paper.
  • Conference lanyards that are made from a variety of reground and melted materials such as factory scraps, water bottles, or rubber tires, manufactured in Canada and borrowed from the Vancouver Lanyard Library. They manage a library of several thousand lanyards that they lend out for free in order to reduce the carbon footprint of events. Upon return, the lanyards are washed and prepped for the next event.
  • Agreements with partner hotels to offer ceramic ware in all guest rooms. In addition, in-room recycling, and towel and sheet exchange program offered at both hotels.
  • We are following IAPCO’s Plastic Pledge and will provide a plastic free event.

What measures can you take towards a sustainable future?

Switch off all electrical appliances before leaving your hotel room.


Make use of recycling and compost bins.


Bring your own re-usable coffee mug. #GreenCaffiene


Choose to walk to the conference venue.


Say no to plastic use.


Join the IAPCO Plastic Pledge!


Spread the word of sustainability for a better future.


Refill your water bottle.


Learn About Ticky The Turtle

Ticky the Turtle has inspired an incredible number of organisations, including government funded convention and visitor bureax, events agencies, events venues and hotels and, of course, our professional congress organisers members to join our IAPCO Pledge to consciously reduce the use of single-use plastics at conferences, meetings and events and their offices. The link between Ticky and the UN Strategic Development Goals, specifically UN SDG14 – ‘Life Below Water’ is obvious.